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Manifest (english)

Since the murder of twenty-two-year-old Mahsa Amini at the hands of the vice police, the Iranian people have been protesting more vigorously than ever against the Ayatollahs’ regime. The government in Tehran has lost all its dignity to be seen as the legitimate Iranian state power. Since September 16, 2022, over 20,000 protesters have been arrested, hundreds have been killed and injured. Several protesters have also been publicly hanged after show trials. Countless women have gone blind as security forces have deliberately fired crush bullets at their eyes.

Every day in Iran, human rights are grossly violated. Iranian protesters and dissidents asked and are asking the world – including the Netherlands – to be their voice and isolate the Islamic Republic internationally. In solidarity with these brave Iranians, the undersigned have established the Iran Free Committee. The Committee wishes to express its support for the struggle of the Iranian people to replace the oppressive regime of the Ayatollahs with a democratic state under the rule of law.

The Iranian regime finances and arms various terror groups in and outside the Middle East. It also exports lethal drones, which Russia deploys against the Ukrainian people. The Iranian government is still building an infrastructure for nuclear weapons production. Our Committee endorses the need for actions to promote peace regionally and internationally.

The Iran Free Committee supports the legitimate struggle of the Iranian people and especially Iranian women against the despots in Tehran. The Iran Free Committee will:

  • Work to isolate the Iranian regime, especially the Revolutionary Guards and the intelligence services of Iran.
  • Advocate to the European Commission for the immediate placement of the Revolutionary Guard on the European terror list. Individuals affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards should be banned from Europe.
  • Engage with prominent Iranian dissidents, such as members of the Alliance for Democracy and Freedom in Iran and the 7 Aban Front, who are organizing resistance to the regime, support them wherever possible and offer them a platform in the Netherlands to proclaim their ideals.
  • Push in the Netherlands and the EU for a coherent Iran policy aimed at a free society without repression.
  • Pursue a ban on the export of Dutch and European products to Iran, exception for consumer goods, medicines and medical equipment.
  • Require the Dutch government to actively advocate in international organizations for the rights of women, LGBTQ+ people and ethnic and religious minorities in Iran.
  • Advocate the establishment of an international tribunal where those responsible within the regime will be held accountable for the crimes against humanity they have committed.
  • Promote international cooperation between organizations that seek the peaceful replacement of the current regime with a democratic state under the Rule of Law.

The fulfillment of human rights, the release of all political prisoners, free elections under the supervision of international organizations, and an end to arming and financing of terror groups will pave the road to democracy and freedom in Iran.

The Iran Free Committee will work to support Iranians who are fighting through democratic means for a free Iran for all Iranians regardless of gender, religion, belief, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and ethnic background. With the Iranian people we cry: Zan, Zendegi Azadi, Woman, Life, Freedom!

Uri Rosenthal (chairman), former Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Gert-Jan Segers (vice-chairman), former Christian Union party chairman,
Afshin Ellian, Professor of Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence,
Ronny Naftaniel, former chairman of the Central Jewish Council,
Rosa Parto, Journalist,
Marleen Stikker, director of the Waag,
Gerrit Valk, former PvdA member of the Dutch House of Representatives,
Maxime Verhagen, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister,
Barbara Visser former Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management,
Korrie Louwes, former alderman in Rotterdam,
Yasmijn Fataie, Human Right Advocate

Groepsfoto van het Comité Iran Vrij