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Ayatollahs put chairman of the Dutch Iran Free Committee on their terrorism list


The Iran Free Committee (Comité Iran Vrij) has taken note of the publication of the new ’terrorism list’ of the Iranian regime. Our chairman and former Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs, Uri Rosenthal has been listed. Dutch minister Hoekstra of Foreign Affsirs has announced that he will formally object to the Iranian authorities.

Uri Rosenthal reacts on the listing as follows: “Our Committee stands up for the freedom of the Iranian people and wants the Ayatollah’s regime to be replaced by a democratic rule of law, in which all citizens regardless of origin, sexual orientation, religious belief, or political affiliation can live without fear. The Iran Free Committee (Comité Iran Vrij), unlike the regime in Tehran, that has been behind several acts of terror in Europe, the Middle East and South America, has nothing to do with terrorism.”

The Iran Free Committee (Comité Iran Vrij) hopes that the regime’s actions will raise awareness that the Netherlands and the European Union should put more pressure on Tehran. The population and especially the brave Iranian women who take to the streets without compulsory hijab, are asking for this. The Committee advocates an immediate export ban on goods to Iran, except consumer items and medicines. It is also time that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which is largely responsible for repression in the country, will be placed on the European terror list. Furthermore, those responsible for human rights violations in Iran should be brought to justice.

In late March of this year, the Iran Free Committee (Comité Iran Vrij) was formally established in The Hague. Participants include former ministers Uri Rosenthal, Maxime Verhagen, Barbara Visser, former MPs Angelien Eijsink, Gerrit Valk and Gert-Jan Segers (vice-chairman), Marleen Stikker, Ronny Naftaniel, Rosa Parto and Afshin Ellian. Prince Reza Pahlavi delivered a speech at the founding meeting via video link.

Earlier, the Tehran regime placed Dutch MEPs Groothuis and Reuten, as well as CIDI director Naomi Mestrum on their terrorism list.

Rotterdam, 25 April 2023